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October Sale – thru 10/31/17 – Immune System supplements – Vitamin C, Immune Stimulator, VSC, as well as Essential Oils – Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Breathe Deep, Essential Shield.  Also, IN.FORM Starter packs and Sampling kit (protein shakes).

NSP Education Week – October 16-23 – live sessions at 3 different times to choose from – 12 noon, 7pm, and 9pm Central Time.  These are free, register at www.nspwebinars.com.  Use your acct. # when you register, if you don’t have acct. #, register as guest.  Call me if you don’t know your acct. #.  Monday 10/16 – Natural Support for Joint Stiffness and Sensitivity, Tuesday 10/17 – Glymphatic System: It’s All In your head, Wednesday 10/18 – Tackling Autoimmune Health Challenges, Thursday 10/19 – NSP’s New Essential Oils – given by Lorrie Hargis, Friday 10/20 – Balancing the Respiratory System, and Monday 10/23 – Blood Sugar Balance.  There are prizes given out during the live sessions to lucky winners.  These will be recorded, so you can also watch later.

New online Health Assessment – this only takes a few minutes to do, then you get results by e-mail.    health.naturessunshine.com/?upline=205336     This tells you what your weakest and strongest body systems are.

Exhibit Booths – I am doing 2 private exhibit booth events in October – 10/18/17 TAPSS conference in College Station and 10/21/17 PATH project symposium in Bryan.  I plan to also do a free public event exhibit booth in November – Mistletoe Market in Franklin on 11/18/17.

New Products – IN.FORM Pea Chocolate Shake Mix - this is gluten free, dairy free, and lactose free, protein shake meal replacement, Stock #21570, $35.50 for bag which contains 15 servings.  New essential oils – Cypress – helps detoxify lymphatic system, Stock #21946, $16.50; Lime – can help feelings of depression and can use to prevent fruits from turning brown, Stock #21943, $14.95; Atlas Cedarwood  - helps to center oneself and can use as insect repellant, Stock #21944, $13.50; Ravintsara – helps respiratory issues, helps with nerve pain, helps calm nerves, can be diffused in home to get rid of unwanted odors, Stock #21947, $21.95.

Sorry for any of you who were affected by the hurricanes, floods, recently.  I read the weekly e-mail I receive from The People’s Pharmacy (they also host a radio show on Saturday mornings, focusing on natural health).  They mentioned that Puerto Rico is a major drug manufacturing location and there will be some prescription drug shortages due to this.  It said the FDA is concerned about at least 40 drugs that are made there, of that number there are 13 that are only made in Puerto Rico.


October issue of Nature’s Sunshine Products Authentic Essentials 365- Favorite Seasonal Diffuser Blends (ideas to try in your diffuser) -  10 drops of Breathe Deep + 10 drops Organic Lavender + 5 drops Cypress;  or 5 drops Rosemary + 5 drops Clove Bud + 5 drops Eucalyptus +5 drops Cinnamon leaf + 5 drops Organic Orange;  or 10 drops Frankincense + 10 drops Lemon + 10 drops Essential Shield + 5 drops Peppermint;  or 15 drops Essential Shield +5 drops Organic Orange +5 drops Tea Tree + 5 drops Organic Frankincense.  Also, a recipe to make to have available:            Breath of Life All-Natural Chest Rub – 10 drops Breathe Deep, 5 drops Essential Shield, 5 drops Ravintsara, 5 drops Organic Lavender, 4 oz. NSP Hand & Body lotion – place Hand & Body Lotion in amber glass jar with air-tight lid, add essential oils and mix to combine.  To use – apply to the chest area, middle of the back and to the soles of the feet.

New Value Size Bottles of Two NSP Favorites - Vitamin D3 – now in 180 count bottle, Stock #21910,  $23.50  and also AnxiousLess – now in 90 count bottle, Stock #21911, $64.25.  Regular size bottles still available.

IN.FORM is the health/weight loss program NSP has that focuses on establishing a healthy microbiome (healthy gut), which has been proven in research to help weight loss.  It consists of 13 weekly sessions to learn about health/wt. loss, getting weekly assessments on the Biotracker scale, using the products in the IN.FORM Metabolic Age Support System kit (choice of 5 different protein shakes, probiotic, Berberine, Cardio Kit-Super Trio, Super Omega 3, and CardioxLDL).  This is being used across the country by many NSP Managers to help people with their wt. loss/health goals to achieve lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and weight loss.  If you are interested in doing 1:1 sessions or being in group class, let me know.  I completed the certification and obtained the Biotracker scale last November.

Not a member of NSP, but want to become one?  This saves 20-30% off retail prices plus specials offered every week.  Select $40 worth of products (at direct wholesale cost), and get your membership free, good for 1 year, anytime you want to order.  You will receive an acct. # to order online or can call in your order to NSP, or call me – if you live in local area, to deliver.

Sunshine Rewards – this is the loyalty program NSP has to get an autoship order every month.  This includes free shipping on your monthly order (savings of $240/yr) and free product credit ($210/yr), you can change your order every month with different products and can also change the date of your shipment from the 1st thru the 25th anytime.  You get free product credit that you can use to get more products.  Special on this for October – get 20 bonus Sunshine Points (worth $20) and earn 20% starting with second month.

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