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New Products from Nature’s Sunshine:  Rejuvenaid-contains red beet root, L-arginine, L-glutamine, pomegranate, etc.  It increases nitric oxide production which dilates blood vessels, causes improved energy, increased exercise capacity, improved blood flow to vital organs, helps heart health and blood pressure, decreases body fat, among others.  It comes in a box containing 30 stick packs, you mix 1 stick pack in 12-16 oz. water and drink, flavor is natural cherry and lemonade (stock #22215).  Ultrabiome DTX – this is the new formulation for what used to be Purify, contains psyllium, glutamine, zinc, antioxidants, helps get rid of heavy metals in body, helps detox, balances gut pH to help gut metabolism and supports beneficial bacteria.  It now comes in stick packs (box of 30), mix 1 stick pack in 9 oz. water and drink, has natural flavors of orange, lemon, lime, tangerine, and vanilla (stock # 22202).  Cinnamon Balance – helps blood sugar stabilization and metabolism, contains cinnamon bark, nopal, fenugreek, astragalus, burdock, dandelion, comes in bottle of 120 vegcaps (stock #22211).  Pau D’Arco Lotion – improved product, free from parabens, fragrances, dyes, replenishes skin moisture and soothes irritation and itching, comes in 4 oz. tube (stock #21912).  Tei Fu Recovery Massage Lotion – improved product, now contains ginger root oil and arnica, as well as menthol and camphor, for sore muscles and joints, comes in 4 oz. tube (stock #21913).  Essential Shield Multipurpose Cleaner – this contains 11 essential oils for a gentle household cleaner, no dyes, no fragrances, comes in 16 oz. bottle (stock #21921).

HempWorx CBD Oil – I am now selling this.  I found out about this from Mary Jo (she was my roommate when I attended NSP convention in 2011 in Cancun.)  I am on her Facebook list and have been reading testimonies for past several months about how this has helped many people.  I decided to order it for my husband to help with back pain and sleep problems and this has helped him.  I have personally not used it yet, have not had need to do so.  Hemp is a plant similar to marijuana, but not the same.  The company – HempWorx, obtains their hemp from Kentucky, where it is grown, organically.  CBD is not psychoactive (cannot make you high).  HempWorx CBD oil tests between .08-0.03% THC, it complies with the 2014 farm bill act, is legal for personal consumption, considered nutritional product.  There is also a “THC Free” version, if you are subject to regular drug screening.  It comes in liquid form in 1 oz. bottle – 2 concentrations, 500 mg. or 750 mg., comes in natural or peppermint flavors. (You put the drops in your mouth under the tongue, so it gets into the bloodstream more quickly, starting with 3-5 drops 1-2x daily for first week, then can increase some).   Each bottle contains about 1000 drops, should last several months.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you would like to order, you can go to my website – www.hempworx.com/herbstogo or contact me and I can do your order for you after obtaining some information.  I am not stocking product at this time.  Shipping cost is $8.95 and product usually arrives within 1 week, directly to you.  The testimonies have ranged from pain relief, help with migraines, moods, and anxiety, for control of seizures, relief from hot flashes, help with asthma, improved cognition in Alzheimer’s patients, help for insomnia, among others.  If you would like to read some of these testimonies, let me know.  See attached brochure with this newsletter.  

Herbal Traditions meetings – these are sponsored by Nature’s Sunshine Products and taught by herbal experts, will be short 1-2 hour presentations with samples of products and door prizes.  There are 2 in Texas (9/29/18 in Arlington on Saturday morning 9am and 11/6/18 at The Woodlands on a Tuesday evening at 7pm).  Cost is $10, you can bring one non-NSP member for free.  If there are 50 plus paid people there, you will receive 25 Sunshine points (equivalent to $25 in products).  Register for these at 1-800-223-8225 NSP Customer service.

Booths at events – I am planning to have an exhibit booth and sell products at several events this fall.  Call me or e-mail me if you would like to know more – details still being worked out now.  Also, let me know if you would like to meet me at my house to look at any products or sample those I have.  I will also have a booth at the American Business Women’s Association event – Dream It…Dare to do it! On Saturday February 23, 2019 at Embassy Suites in College Station.  Tickets are available, includes lunch and speakers.

Not a member of NSP, but want wholesale prices?  This saves 20-30% off retail costs plus specials offered every week.  Select $40 worth of products (at direct wholesale cost) and get membership free.  My acct. # as your sponsor is 205336 – Herbs To Go.  You will get your own acct. #.  Contact me if you would like to do an order.

September product premium – free bottle of Elderberry D3fense with any $200 order, use offer code September.  This helps support the immune system, contains Vitamin D3, elderberry extract, Echinacea, and olive leaf extract.  There will be a different product for October.

Health to Home events – if you would like to be a host to have some friends or family members over for a short health presentation with some sampling of products, let me know.  I can present one of several different topics (examples – detox, immune system help, essential oils and uses, weight loss).  Host gets at least 15 Sunshine points (regardless of sales) – this is $15 product.  If there are over $250 sales, host gets 20 Sunshine points.

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