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Holistic Fair – Saturday June 23, 2018 – Brazos Center, Bryan, Tx.  10AM-7PM, I will have a booth in this event, there will be more than 50 booths there.  See attached page for info.  I will be one of the 21 speakers who will have a 15 minute slot on the stage.  I will be speaking at 3:35pm on Importance of Detox for a healthy body.  There will be free product & services prize drawings throughout the day from many of the vendors.  The final hour from 6pm-7pm will be a closing drum ceremony from one of the vendors.

One phone number for Nature’s Sunshine Products – effective 4/23/18 – there is now one phone number for both customer service and order sales – 1-800-223-8225.

Herbal Traditions – summer seminars from NSP.  The only one scheduled for Texas is in Arlington on 8/2/18 – evening from 6:30 pm – 9pm.  Topic will be Detox and Cleansing, there will be door prize drawings.  Cost is $10 to attend.

June Sale – NSP – All Probiotics are 25% off – thru June 30th.

New Product – IN.FORM Pea Protein Shake – No Sugar Added – see attached page.

Herbal Traditions Conference webinars from May 2018 – I purchased the recorded versions of this conference held in Utah by NSP.  I have watched one of these – topic was cleansing.  Some bits of information from this:  Body has 4 main channels of elimination – Colon, Liver, Kidneys, Skin, in that order.  If your colon becomes sluggish, Liver steps in to help to make sure toxins don’t get into bloodstream.  If liver becomes sluggish, kidneys help to filter toxins out of bloodstream.  If those organs have problems, skin is the last way to get toxins out of body (this could manifest as rashes, skin eruptions, etc.).  “Solution to pollution is dilution” – drink lots of purified water.  Over 90 % of serotonin is produced in the gut – this is the feel good chemical that makes you feel happy (“Clean gut = Happy mood”).  Toxins are present everywhere – our houses usually have 5x more toxic air that outside air.  Research has shown that newborn babies have 200 chemicals in their umbilical cord.  We are exposed to daily radiation from cell phones, wireless internet, etc.  NSP has many products to help with detox and cleansing – Clean Start, Tiao He Cleanse, Enviro-Detox, Purify, Detox Basics, Gentle Move, Milk Thistle, Kidney Drainage, Lymphatic Drainage, among others.  We also have 6 different Probiotic formulas to help to have a healthy gut.

IN.FORM is the health/weight loss program NSP has that focuses on establishing a healthy microbiome (healthy gut), which has been proven in research to help weight loss.  It consists of 13 weekly sessions to learn about health/weight loss, getting weekly assessments on the Biotracker scale, using the products in the IN.FORM Metabolic Age Support System kit (choice of 5 different protein shakes, probiotic, Berberine, Cardio Kit).  This is being used across the country by many NSP managers to help people with their wt. loss/health goals to achieve lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and weight loss.  If you are interested in doing 1:1 sessions or being in a group class, let me know.  I completed the certification to be IN.FORM coach and have the Biotracker scale.  Participants receive a manual and food journal to use for the 13 wks.

Not a member of NSP, but want wholesale prices?  This saves 20-30% off retail costs plus specials offered every week.  Select $40 worth of products (at direct wholesale cost) and get membership free.  My acct. # as your sponsor is 205336.  You will get your own acct. #.

Bananas – article from Suzy Cohen – “the average banana has 25 mcg. of folate,  34 mg. of magnesium, and 450 mg. of potassium (these vitamins/minerals can help blood pressure).  They also contain dopamine – a happy brain chemical, natural antidepressant, and helps movement and coordination.  (Low levels of dopamine could lead to Parkinson’s like symptoms, depression, bladder dysfunction, obesity, memory loss, ADD, fear or anxiety spells).  Bananas have tyrosine which is used by body to make dopamine.  Tyrosine is also used by the body to make triiodothyronine (T3) thyroid hormone, which helps you feel energetic and burns fat.  A research study by the Japanese showed that bananas helped to fight cancer.  Regular (less ripe) bananas are low-medium on the glycemic index scale.  Diabetics should avoid the ripe dark bananas because they could cause a spike in blood sugar.  Bananas have insoluble fiber which helps to feed your friendly gut bacteria.  The potassium and magnesium can help with leg cramps and can reduce risk of heart disease.  They also contain lutein, which is important for eye health.  If you happen to be allergic to bananas, you could also be allergic to kiwi, avocado, strawberry, tomato, chestnuts, passionfruit, latex – due to cross reactions.”

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